Book #3:
International Criminal Court War Crime Case #OTP-CR-100/08

1.43MB (564pages): Senators McCain & Obama & Attorney General Mukasey have been served as “Witnesses” in this Case #OTP-CR-100/08 in the U.N. War Crime Tribunal, at The Hague, but have not publicly responded. This War Crime Case is currently being investigated by the Prosecutor’s office of the United Nations International Court regarding above said complaints against former U.S. Attorney General Gonzales, & current Attorney General MuKasey, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and others of the U.S. White House Culture of Torture for assigning “$50,000 ‘DEATH’ Rewards” that “slandered” the life values of U.S. soldiers downward unto motivating & inspiring Terrorists to mutilate, torture, & murder them in violation of Geneva Conventions; meanwhile, Gonzales, Rice, and others offered $25 Million Rewards on the Internet that operated to save lives of Terrorist enemies of the U.S. during Wartime .